Nick Morris’ visit in Tampere – the meeting of art and science

Our collaborator Nick Morris from Ohio visited us last week and we managed to build some great new partnerships between Finland and the US! Thank you Nick for you visit and let’s continue this great collaboration from here!

Here is our last week’s program with some photos:

Monday 13th June

Walking around  in the Pyynikki park are, and visiting at the observation tower.

Visiting Pikku Kakkonen children’s park

Dinner and discussion about the aims for our collaboration.

IMG_9156 IMG_9169  IMG_9179 IMG_9182


Tuesday 14th June

Meeting with the biology/geography teacher Ms. Merja Kuisma from the Normal School of the University of Tampere

Lunch at the Tammelantori market place

Visiting Kauppi city park

Discussion about our Sharing Commons, Varying Perspectives installation on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi.

IMG_9236 IMG_9235IMG_9207IMG_9220 IMG_9245 IMG_9243 IMG_9227

Wednesday 15th June

Lunch at the Café Tallipiha – Stable Yards with Dr Antti Saari, EDU, University of Tampere

A visit to Cultural Education Unit TAITE of Museum Services, City of Tampere, to hear about Taidekaari – ‘Art Arc’ Cultural Education Programme

Visiting Näsilinna, Tiitiäisen Satupuisto children’s park and Nääs-halli sport hall in Näsinpuisto park

Ron Mueck exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum and Näsinneula tower in Särkänniemi

Dinner with EDU researchers Jani Pulkki and Vesa Jaaksi

IMG_9308IMG_9311 IMG_9312  IMG_9263 JLNX2095IMG_9325IMG_9265IMG_9339

Thursday 16th June

Visiting Hämeenlinna and meeting with the director and teacher of forest preschool


Evening in a summer cottage and smoke sauna in Kangasala.

IMG_9351 IMG_9353 IMG_9354


Friday 17th June

A short stop at Melo power plant between Nokia and Siuro

Visiting Jussi’s studio on the bank of Siuronkoski Rapids

Lunch at the Koskibaari

Visiting Ossi Somma’s outdoor exhibition

Walking in the nature preserves of Siuro

IMG_9380IMG_9413IMG_9394 IMG_9408IMG_9433 IMG_9435

Saturday 18th June

Meeting with Olli-Jukka Jokisaari from University of Turku and Jani Pulkki and Vesa Jaaksi from EDU, University of Tampere


Sunday 19th June

Visiting Seitseminen Nature Centre

Visiting an old farm and hiking in the Seitseminen old-growth forest, Torpparintaival 6.5 km (4 miles)

Dinner and closing discussion

IMG_9631 IMG_9477IMG_9517 IMG_9622 IMG_9482IMG_9510 NSON3716IMG_9526 IMG_9624IMG_9531 IMG_9576IMG_9651 IMG_9668

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