New collaborator: Dr Bagryana Popov from Australia!


I just received great news today: we have a new collaborator from Australia, Dr Bagryana Popov!

Dr. Popov is an award-winning theatre director, who has worked in theatre and music for over 20 years in Melbourne and across Australia. She has initiated collaborative projects with theatre institutions also in Bulgaria
and Macedonia. Her work in theatre has explored themes such as human rights, imprisonment and the plight of refugees – and now she is also interested in the questions of eco-awareness (see Bagryana’s new project Uncle Vanya in Avoca: Creative development in March 2014). She has completed a PhD through the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. She is currently working as a lecture in applied theatre at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

Bagryana is also my very dear friend and I have performed in her physical theatre piece “Studies in being human” in 2006 in Melbourne.


Bagryana and I in Melbourne in 2006.

Bagryana was given a travel grant to come to Finland for a week and do some art-based research work with us! Her schedule is still open – we let you know what will happen and when!

Bagryana, welcome to our Art-Eco team! It’s very nice to have you with us!


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Raisa Foster
Raisa Foster

Dr. Raisa Foster (b. 1976) is an independent researcher/artist/educator. She completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Tampere, Finland. She graduated as a dance animateur from School of Dance, Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) in 2006, and as a Master of Arts (visual culture) from Aalto University in 2015. Foster is experienced in directing and producing multi-discipline performances. Foster is mostly known from her artistic works with young men, Katiska (2008), Ketjureaktio (2012) and Rikka (2014). She has created her own artistic/pedagogical method Tanssi-innostaminen®, a pedagogical method The Pedagogy of Recognition as well as an arts-based research method eragraphy. Foster is currently interested in combining different artistic and more traditional qualitative research methods in her practice as an artist/researcher/educator and establishing her unique approach to performance art.

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