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Our project got funding for the year 2015 from the Kone Foundation! Sothe real action will start on January 2015!

Our first action will happen in EcoJustice and Activism Conference on March 19–21, 2015, in the Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti. More information to come…

Also, from September 14th to October 2nd 2015 there will be an art exhibition of Jussi’s works. So there will be a good reason to visit Kangasala then ;) Again, more information to come…

Thanks Vellu, Rebecca and Tero! And Kone! And you!

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Jussi Mäkelä
Jussi Mäkelä

Jussi Mäkelä (b. 1973) is a researcher, an artist and a teacher. His master’s thesis in education (University of Tampere 2002) was about Kierkegaard’s existential philosophy. After graduating as a teacher Mäkelä started to focus more on art and art education, ending up doing an arts-based hermeneutical research as a master’s thesis in art education (Aalto University 2010). Mäkelä is interested in arts-based phenomenological research as a method of understanding the complex relationship between an individual and the surrounding world. In his PhD project Mäkelä is applying Joseph Beuys’ social sculpture to the perspectives of perception, freedom and capital through which he is scrutinizing the human-world relationship. The main questions in his research deal with the fundamental responsibility of a free creative human being. Mäkelä’s arts-based oeuvre is built on various artistic techniques including making sculptures of felt, beeswax, copper and wood, acrylic paintings and small conceptual compositions.

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