Call for Proposals (FERA) – Art-Based Educational Research

The annual Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) Conference on Educational Research will be held this year November 19-20 at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa. Art-Eco project organizes a paper session titled Art-based Educational Research and welcomes all kinds of methodological (visual, narrative, poetic, performative, musical) openings in the field of art-based research in the context of education. The presentations can be given in Finnish, Swedish or English. More information: Raisa Foster, Research Director, Art-Eco Project,

The description of the theme group in Finnish (pdf).

Generally, 20 minutes plus discussion is reserved for each presentation, but depending on the number of papers the presentation time may be adjusted. The conference program with the exact times and presentations for each session will be published on the conference web site towards the end of October. Note that there will be no conference proceeding.

Abstract submission guidelines

  • Abstracts should be written in the language of presentation (Finnish, Swedish or English).
  • State the theme group that the presentation will be submitted to.
  • Title of presentation (Times New Roman 14 p bold font).
  • Author(s) with contact details and affiliation (Times New Roman 12 p).
  • The abstract text body is limited to 200 words (Times New Roman 12 p, line space 1) and should include the following: aims, theoretical and methodological framework; (expected) results and implications; scientific relevance.
  • Abstracts should be submitted in word format to, deadline October 1. Announcement of accepted submissions on October 9.
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The Art-Eco project examines artistic and pedagogical possibilities to support the holistic awareness of empathetic-ecological humanity.

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